CC13-61 Interview - John Hurst writer of asdcplib

6 July 2013
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Category: CinemaCon, DCI
6 July 2013, Comments: 1

All equipment used in digital cinema have something in common – the open source library “AS-DCP Lib”. This library is the basis for the structure of the DCP (Digital Cinema Package). In this video I talk with John Hurst of CineCert, the man behind the library and how it came into being.
John is also a major contributor to the CTP (Compliance Test Plan – the document that defines the testing procedure that DCI equipment must pass to be considered compliant and most importantly SECURE. An amazing achievement.

John has made an amazing contribution to the transition to digital cinema and I was thrilled that he agreed to an interview.


One response on “CC13-61 Interview – John Hurst writer of asdcplib

  1. Peter Maddock says:

    Great video James. Good to see more about the inside workings of Dcinema, DCI and DCPs.
    Also liked your video on Barco, DTS and MDA technology which seems to be a collaborative effort with Fairlight. Looks like a game changing technology.
    Cheers, Peter.