3 December 2009
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Pink and Green screen & 3D content on a 2D screen

3 December 2009, Comments: 2

In this video I discuss the Pink and Green colours on screen and why some times we get them by mistake when going into […]

11 August 2009
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3D Windows and Masking for 3D in Cinemas

11 August 2009, Comments: 5

In this video I describe a new 3D presentation method in which you do not mask out all the unused area.  This area is […]

6 July 2009
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The RealD-XL 3D system. Better, brighter 3D.

6 July 2009, Comments: 4

In this video I take a look at the RealD-XL 3D attachment for DCI-cinema digital projectors. I look at how the new XL product, […]

5 May 2009
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Showest – NEC DCI Projectors

5 May 2009, Comments: 1

Jim Reisteter, General Manager, Digital Cinema Division at NEC takes us through whats happening with NEC projectors and roll out announcements.

4 May 2009
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Showest – DTS – MasterImage 3D

4 May 2009, Comments: 1

Sperling from DTS shows us the MasterImage 3D system. This system uses polarising filters by using a spinning wheel in front of the DCI […]